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ecycle◆rs. Card holders■ then can purchase■ new applian●ces with a 10 p◆ercent cut in pri●ces when showing〓 retailers the car○d.Meanwhile〓, sales of ●unpacked moon cakes ●of

more flavors, s〓uch as coff■ee, chocolate, and e●ven icecream ○are selling well,● and at lower pr●ices, when Chin■ese enjoy t〓heir Mid-Autumn ■Festival on● Oct.3, whic◆h overlapped wi◆th the holiday, ac○cording to■ the ministry.●BEIJING, Sep〓t. 21 (Xinhua) --

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    ■The Information ◆Office of the Sta○te Council, o●r China's cabinet, p○ublished a white p■aper on the develo●pment and progress ●in Xinjiang Monday.● Following is th●e full text: Dev■elopment a○nd Progress

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    ○in Xinjiang Infor○mation Office of○ the State Council 〓of the Peopl●e's Republic of Chi●na Contents Fo○reword I. Swift Econ●omic Development I●I. Remarkable Imp◆rovement in People'〓s Lives III. S

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tead○y Development o●f Social Prog●rams IV. Preser○vation of Ethnic C〓ultures V. Upholdi●ng Ethnic Equality a●nd Unity VI. Prot○ecti

ng Citizens' Ri○ghts of Fr○eedom of Religious ●Belief VII. ●Safeguardin〓g National ■Unity and Social St〓ability Conclusi◆on Chinese computer■ makers are〓 increasingl○y going rural to● market their◆ produ